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How I bypassed the FRP (Manufacturing facility Reset Protection) from Google on my Samsung android phone.

Not long back, I bought a Samsung J1 phone, as a birthday celebration present to a great friend. Throughout the initial phone configuration, my pal produced a new Gmail account, password, and so on.

A quick Factory reset should resolve the issue, yet currently the phone request the initial Gmail account ID as well as password before allowing a brand-new configuration.

After several telephone call to Google and Samsung, I discovered that absolutely nothing might be done and also the brand-new phone was, like, paperweight. Yikes! “.


After much googling and screening. I found a work around the FRP, for most Samsung versions, to gain back accessibility to the phone and do a fresh arrangement. This remedy does not include “rooting” the phone, neither does it invalidate any basic warranties on the device.

** Warning ** The steps below will most likely, clean all information on the phone. And may, in many cases, corrupt the phone OS irreparable. This treatment needs to be a “last hope” choice, prior to tossing the phone in the recycling. (In my instance, the phone was already “beyond repair” with the FRP securing it out.) Speak to a specialist to assist.) if you are not sure.

Just what’s required:.
– USB cord to link to COMPUTER.
– Active SIM card from present phone service provider (or any type of energetic SIM card, if the phone is “unlocked” from the initial mobile carrier).

– Install and download and install RealTerm software program (software program permits to activate fundamental modem functions in the phone through USB cable).

– Download on mini SD card: frpbypass-1.0. apk (or on tool, if micro SD choice not readily available).

The steps: (a few of the final steps may be different, based upon phone design as well as OS version).
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Download as well as set up RealTerm program.

Download as well as duplicate com.rootjunky.frpbypass-1.0. As soon as right into the device, apk to the gadget micro SD card or download.

Beginning phone and also connect to WIFI also linked into the computer with your USB cord.

Begin RealTerm on your computer and under display screen inspect the box HALF DUPLEX.

Right click my computer system and also select take care of once it opens click gadget manager after that modems.

Under modems you must see a Samsung tool. Click it after that choose properties.
When the buildings window opens up choose modem tab and also see exactly what port
it gets on like com5 for an instance.

Now that you know the com port number close all tool manager home windows and open RealTerm once again.

Under the ports tab in RealTerm enter your port number after that click change AND see to it the choice “OPEN” next to it, is energetic.

Next click the send out tab. you will should send out these 2 commands with the Send ASCII button.

At+ creg? \ r \ n.

Atd1234; \ r \ n.

Look at your phone and as well as dialer will pop up or a message about, not being
able to complete the callTelephone call

Then, a “texting” punctual must be offered. Utilize the message option to send out the web link:

Download rootjunky.frpbypass-1.0. apk data.

Open as well as run file, should finish the procedure as well as get rid of the FRP lock. (You might need to download and install “ES File Explorer” from the Samsung App shop to open the file).

Setup new Gmail account, as wanted.

The FRP will certainly re-activate after the new Gmail arrangement, as it should. It is possible to transform the FRP off, to prevent having to go via this substantial troubleshooting again.

a. Open your general phone options.
b. Under, Security tab.
c. “Device Administrator” area, unselect “Android Device Manager” **.

* These added actions will certainly stop the FRP from turning on, if a factory reset is required. On the next factory reset, the option revert back to the default FRP protection.

** ALSO, disabling the FRP defense, in situations of loss or theft, would permit anyone to reset your phone with little difficulty.

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